What areas do you cover?

Go to the contact us page and we cover inside the green circle on that page

What warranty do you give on work done?

We give a 12 month warranty on the work done, except on filters as this is something you should be checking.

Do you sell parts?

Sorry, we do not

What forms of Payment do you accept?

Cash, cheque, bank transfer or paypal

Do you fix American style Fridge/Freezers?

No, the only company we know who do are FFR Services 08445048326 My tab contents

My washing machine is not spinning properly?

This can be caused by a number of things. Firstly have you only got one item in the machine as they wont spin if they can’t get a balanced load, if this is the case put something else in with it, or if it is all tangled up untangle it and try and re-spin it. It can also be caused by it not draining properly, if this is the case you will need to check your filter, which is normally located at the bottom right on the machine behind a kick plate.

My Washing Machine is VERY noisy

Firstly check your filter as there could be a coin stuck in the pump, but if that doesn’t fix the problem it is likely to be the bearings which isn’t worth repairing as you are looking at least £200 to fix, please contact us with the make and model number for an exact price.

My Freezer is fine but the fridge isn’t getting cold

You need to defrost the appliance, especially if it is a frost free. Switch off the appliance open the doors and leave off for 48 hours to defrost it thoroughly.

Do you have a call out charge?

Yes we have a £30 call out charge, if you go ahead with what we quote you then you wouldn’t need to pay the call out on top of that.

If there are any questions not shown above, please call our office during work hours on 01582 665764

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